Exhibition of multimedia projects based on documentary material

Projections of Reality’ is a unique multimedia exhibition which premiered in Moscow on March 2010. Following the success of a number of documentary exhibition projects and innovative online educational program [OR]EDU, the Objective Reality Foundation together with Global United Services is introducing the future of media to a Russian audience.

The exhibition features the works of more than 20 photographers working in the field of multimedia production. The show features multi-channel video installations, web-based projects, and interactive documentaries, including critically acclaimed works by Tim Hetherington, Brenda Ann Kenneally, Alex Majoli, and Yuri Kozyrev, pieces produced by Magnum InMotion and The New York Times. The show also presents early examples of multimedia and participatory media presented in the work of Daniel Meadows and Alexander Medvedkin, as well as the works of young photographers from Russia and the CIS.

‘Projections of Reality’ introduces multimedia and digital storytelling, and participatory media to a Russian audience. Multimedia, the prevailing format of the show’s pieces, is closely related form to filmmaking, and, in particular, to documentary, though it also has strong links to video art. In this exhibition, projected images, already familiar to viewers of contemporary art, is now manifest in the form of documentary narrative, with its concern for social issues based in the values of humanism.

The traditional media market, including documentary photography, has been radically reshaped by the advent of the internet, and networked media. Mass media approaches to production and dissemination are being challenged by the many-to-many distribution available on the internet, and low barriers to entry for media production, using a new generation of digital media technology. These changes force us to look ahead to understand what paths journalism and in particular photojournalism might take.

The show defines a new role for photography in the context of new media; the exhibit presents artists who are contemporary storytellers fluent in photography, journalism and filmmaking.

‘Projections of Reality’ is a far-reaching event both for the Russian cultural public and the international photo community. This show pulls together a unique collection of multimedia documentary-based works shown as video installations; few exhibits have so intensively focused on the form.

Multimedia images can be seen as metaphors for bridging isolation among neighbors, communities, and countries. We come to an understanding how the world’s economic, political and ideological trends are closely linked. We share collective memories and feelings; we listen to an unknown voice; we come one step closer to essence of a human life.

Following the tradition of open master-classes and seminars, during the exhibition days Objective Reality and Globalus organized a free public lectures weekend with co-authors of exhibition and invited multimedia producers: 

Tim Hetherington, photographer, filmmaker (USA/UK)  

Brenda Ann Kenneally, photographer (USA)

Mark Lubell, director, Magnum Photos New York (USA) 

Bjarke Myrthu, multimedia producer, co-founder Storyplanet (USA/Denmark) 

Samuel Bollendorff, photographer (France) 

Yuri Kozyrev, photographer (Russia) 




During one month run the exhibition was visited by 19,000 people, among who were both photography and media business professionals and the general public.

Target audience:

  • Professional audience (photographers, journalists, media and film industry, educational institutions, photo industry, advertising and PR companies, design bureaus)
  • Business elite, intellectuals with good taste
  • Creative elite, connoisseurs of art culture
  • Socially active public
  • Students, young people
  • Middle to upper income level


Average age:

22-55 years old

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125009, Moscow, Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street, 9 bld.1

+7 495 517 05 81

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