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GLOBAL UNITED SERVICES Ltd., originally founded to provide marketing services to the sports orientated companies with in the Russian Federation, for more than five years now we have engaged in organizing and producing cultural events, bringing world famous exhibitions and developing new original projects in Moscow and country regions.

GLOBAL UNITED SERVICES Ltd., was originally founded to provide professional marketing research services and organizational assistance to support sport-orientated companies with in the Russian Federation. 

In 2008 GLOBALUS opened a new page in the company’s history by signing a partnership with a non-profit Foundation "Objective reality", dedicated to support the professional photography community in Russia for over a decade.

From 2009 and continuing today, the team of GLOBALUS in collaboration with "Objective reality" foundation organize through out Russia the annual exhibition "WORLD PRESS PHOTO”, which reflects all the international current affairs in photography.

March of 2010 a new project was opened at the "Red October" exhibition center, a unique exhibition of multimedia projections "PROJECTIONS of REALITY", that introduced the audiences to the avant-garde visual storytelling in the context of new media.

In 2011, after three successful years in Moscow, “WORLD PRESS PHOTO” exhibition, was taken on tour to Russian regions for the first time in its history. From July to August it was opened for audiences in Samara, Kazan then Saint-Petersburg.

In 2012 GLOBALUS celebrated by signing a new partnership with the Russian-Dutch company “ONE-GO EVENTS” who also work in the field of art exhibitions, music festivals and other cultural events in Russia and through out Europe.

March of 2012 at the "Vetoshny" exhibition center in Moscow was opened a new project “DA VINCI THE GENIUS" – an exhibition dedicated to the great Leonardo Da Vinci - inventor, artist, anatomist, sculptor, engineer, musician and architect.

After 6 month in Moscow exhibition was taken to Kazan, Novosibirsk and other Russian cities.

Future GLOBALUS projects are:

- "THE HUMAN BODY" – an educational exhibition that reveals the secrets of the human body and demonstrates the harm caused to our bodies by unhealthy life style;

- A multimedia exhibition "VAN GOGH Alive Experience", immersing the viewers into the world of colors and images of this great master.

And many more…


125009, Moscow, Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street, 9 bld.1

+7 495 517 05 81

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